Rope Guides

A substantial stock of replacement rope guide are held in stock to suit “MAN/SWF”, “MALLAWA/JLP” and other makes of hoist.




Hoist ModelDescription Configuration Rope Size Part No.
BD, CDRope GuideLeft Hand5mmSA497
BE, CERope GuideLeft Hand7mmSA499
BF, CFRope GuideLeft Hand9mmSA512
BG, CGRope GuideLeft Hand12mmSA522
BG, CGRope GuideRight Hand12mmSA531
BG, CGRope GuideLeft Hand9mmA538
BG, CGRope GuideRight Hand9mmSA540
GRope GuideLeft Hand12mmSA543
HRope GuideLeft Hand14mmSA557
KRope GuideLeft Hand12mmSA579
BL/CLRope GuideLeft Hand15mmSA594
MRope GuideLeft Hand15mmSA606
MRope GuideRight Hand15mmSA626
MRope GuideLeft Hand18mmSA628
MRope GuideRight Hand18mmSA630
SRope GuideLeft Hand20mmSA633
SRope GuideLeft Hand24mmSA664
BS, BTRope GuideLeft Hand24/25mmSA670
BS, BTRope GuideRight Hand24/24mmSA713
BS, BTRope GuideLeft Hand18/19mmSA714
BS, BTRope GuideRight Hand18/19mmSA715
BS, BTRope GuideLeft Hand14/16mmSA716
BS, BTRope GuideRight Hand14/16mmSA717
CARope GuideLeft Hand7mmSA702
CARope GuideRight Hand7mmSA703
DBRope GuideLeft Hand7mmSA704
DBRope GuideRight Hand7mmSA705
DCRope GuideLeft Hand10mmSA706
DCRope GuideRight Hand10mmSA707
DCRope GuideLeft Hand8mmSA708
DCRope GuideRight Hand8mmSA709
DDRope GuideLeft Hand14mmSA701
DDRope GuideLeft Hand10mmSA711
DDRope GuideRight Hand10mmSA712


Hoist ModelDescriptionConfigurationRope SizePart No.
MDaRope GuideLeft Hand7mmA551
MEa, MEsRope GuideLeft Hand8mmA550
MFa, MFsRope GuideLeft Hand9mmA552
MGaRope GuideLeft Hand13mmA554
MGaRope Guide Right Hand13mmA553
MHaRope GuideLeft Hand18mmA555
MGaRope GuideLeft Hand9mmA547
MGaRope Guide Right Hand9mmA556